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Rear Spring Lift

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I dont have one but all you need to do is mesure the with of the spring leag I think off hand its 2" an take that messure ment to any 4x4 parts store and askle for a Add A Leaf for a 2 " spring leaf. The lenth dosent matter.
You can allso use one that is a bit smaler not much but just a bit.
Since you habe to take the hole spring leafs I recomend changing all the bushings and hardware, soave on labor down the road. Specially if you use energizer bushings or any other brand of polyhuratane bushings.

With a rear spring lift, ie new leaf sprins that are higher than oem or oem leafs with helper spring, what did you do for  longer shocks?

You just need to measure the distance from the shock mounting points.

Hokie Eagle:
Anyone havce a part number for shocks for a 2" lift?

There isn't any, unless some one just did a 2 inch lift and save the part numbers of the ones he used.
Just do like I said or take it to a 4 wheel shop and they will tell you. They will provably try to sell you some KYB or some Rancho shocks witch are not bad at all.


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