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Axle / Differential / replacement vacuum lines
« Last post by Mr_Roboto on Today at 01:36:38 AM »
I've got a couple of the steel vacuum lines that are clogged. I'm planning on capping stuff up probably until I get something else to deal with it. What's the typical solution here? Just go all plastic? Is there steel still made in the same diameter?
Two PREVIOUS Eagles I've had here in Misery. Have actually owned (including the two I have now) a total of 6. The first I bought new. Had an '81 Kammback, after about a year I decided I wanted a wagon, so I went to the dealer, sat down & ordered a wagon speced out as close as I could get to what I wanted. Traded the Kammback in. No pics. of either. The flat black one was my first Eagle here on The Nest (now known as "The Den"). It got rear ended & was totaled by the ins. co., I then bought White Eagle as a replacement. When I took it in for inspection, the ENTIRE front subframe was rotted away!!! That was when I bought THIS wagon from Brandon.
Okay, I've managed to convince this  :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: piece of  :censored: :censored: :censored: VOMPUTER to co-operate (FINALLY). Here are the two I currently own. '83 wagon (FORMERLY Brandon's - '83 Eagle). The sedan is an '84 I picked up up in Wisc. Both 258s & automatics. I don't recall exactly now, but the sedan only has 7x,xxx miles on it. I WANNA say around 72,500 approx. but I don't trust my (LACK OF) memory.
Inside Your Eagle / Re: Prices in your area
« Last post by MIPS on Yesterday at 02:48:30 PM »
-oh wait, this is probably not the price of a car-
Inside Your Eagle / Re: Prices in your area
« Last post by Trooper on Yesterday at 12:41:27 PM »
Prices and charges for what, exactly?
Inside Your Eagle / Prices in your area
« Last post by Still Pat on Yesterday at 12:25:38 PM »
Just curious (low on the priority list), what do they charge in your area (general location, not trying to find you :P SAMPLE: Albuquerque, Boston, Denver, etc.). I asked about a year ago near St. Louse & forget what they quoted me. For SOME reason, I've got $500.00 in mind, but that seems kind high to me. I read a post (from about 5 years ago), someone said they paid less than $150.00.

Guess it WOULD help if I mentioned WHAT!!! Looking for headliner (installed) prices. Also, as a side note, I'm looking for a memory!! Mine seems to be slipping!
Your Eagle(s) / Re: A 'new' (to me) bird
« Last post by Still Pat on August 10, 2022, 08:04:19 PM »
Just found this. I didn't realize I hadn't posted on this in OVER a year. Drug it back here & dropped it at the shop. $2,000.00 later it's inspected & ready to license so I can start driving it - NOT! Started driving on temporary plates. Alternator dried in the one of drive-through lanes at the credit union. I think (over a year ago, so I don't recall) I sat there 4, yes FOUR hours waiting for AAA to show up & haul it off to the shop (again). Alternator had locked up & wasted the belt too, $300.00 more I'm back on the road again. Yuge hassle getting it registered, finally decided to take a chance & try the Vermont thing I'd had suggested before. Have been driving it a couple weeks now with a Vermont plate & registered to me here. Guy I bought it from didn't put it in HIS name & the Dept. of Revenue (Misery's version of the DMV) wanted a NOTARIZED Bill of Sale. Registered owner (original owner even) was dead!!! They weren't gonna be signing ANYTHING!! Couple pics. of my birds. The one on dolly is when I dropped it at the shop for repair, one is here at the apartment complex, & one is after I moved them today to get the sedan closer to the door.
Body Shop / Re: How to re-install
« Last post by Still Pat on August 09, 2022, 09:32:17 AM »
Thanks again for the advice George!
Body Shop / Re: How to re-install
« Last post by AMC of Houston on August 08, 2022, 11:18:44 PM »
Never tried decal remover before - except about a century ago when I was building plastic models.   Acetone would also probably be good for a final cleanup.
Eagle Sightings / Re: AMCs in the media
« Last post by Taylor on August 08, 2022, 05:45:05 PM »
It is a brief mention, but it is at the beginning of the article.
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