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I've seen brochures from earlier model years from other parts of the world where the US had military bases & I believe the PX/Commisary had a program w/AMC for GI's to purchase bad I enlisted in 1989, just a little to late...


This is a picture of an American Eagle brochure from the mid 80's. This Eagle has the older type hood with the newer type wheels.


This is the back side of a brochure from 1982 refering to the American Eagle.

I wish I had some of this type of advertisements and brochures and stuff.  Anywhere that I could track some of this literature down??  Other than Ebay?

Pack Rat:
Swap meets, flea markets, consignment places, yard sales. Don't overlook places like thrift stores or Goodwill either, never know what kind of old stuff is going to show up there


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