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--- Quote from: ditdit on February 05, 2012, 10:38:55 PM ---this week end i purchased from the salvation army auto sales a 1988 eagle all white w honey leather interior ,this thing is a time capsle, and i was wondering if this unit came with a lock up converter i have the build sheet and would like to know if we can decode the dealers code ,its 0140 ,the sequence number is 002076,
jim ditty
augusta ga 

--- End quote ---
We would all like to see photos.  Here or on another thread, but photos would be great.

If it has the original transmission, then it is not a lock up in '88.  If your Eagle was #2076 in '88 then it was one of the last ones built as the generally accepted total for '88 was 2,306.  Although at AMC the sequence number is not always a good indicator of when a car was actually finished as the number was assigned to a car when it was ordered and they were not built in the sequence of the order number.  What does the door date sticker say as the build date?

the date on the door is november 27,1987 & as i understand the last one was produced on dec 10 and shipped from factory on the 15 of december, I will post photos soonest,everything is still on the car as it came from the factory,if anyone is interested there is a photo of it on the salvation army augusta ga web site under auto auction is was lot 12 under eagle ,it is white with gold pin stripes and factory mag wheels,all the smog lines are in great shape leather seats,even the air blows cold and still has r12 in it
jim ditty

Yup, you have one of the last ones.   From the sounds of it, a well preserved one as well.

I tried to load photos but it did not work will try again tonight


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