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1988 Eagle
A more comprehensive history of the AMC Eagle can be found on the AMC Eaglepedia at  to access the Eaglepedia you must have at least 10 posts here on the Forum and be registered at the AMC Eaglepedia as well.

  The last model year for the AMC Eagle.  AMC's was no longer an independent company just a part of the Chrysler Corpoartion.  Mainly Jeep was all that was left of the former American Motors Corporation.  The only true AMC car available in 1988 was the American Eagle Wagon.  All of the cars sold during the 1988 model year were produced in calendar year 1987 between September and December 11th, when the last AMC rolled off the production line.  These cars were not 1987 left overs as stated by others elsewhere, they were produced for the 1988 model year.  Chrysler continued the Eagle name as a new Make, but the cars were Renault/AMC based models, models from Mitsubuishi and some Chrysler based cars.

88 Myths Corrected:
- 1988 AMC Eagles do exist!
- As stated above, the 88's were not 87 leftovers.
- Chrysler did not remove the AMC badges or trim pieces, and the VIN still indicates American Motors.
- The term "American Eagle" was used in advertisments as far back as 1980, not just for the 88's.
- AMC did not load them up with options to purge excess stock before closing.  Standard equipment was the same as the 87's.

The below dealer update proves this:

1988 Eagle Wagon with wood trim. Last Eagle to take flight. (Owner member: 88Eagle).

1988 Window Sticker Courtesy of Eagle1985.  Note the VIN # is identical to earlier model years, with J indicating 1988.

2 = Canada
C = American Motors Canada
K = 4WD Auto Floor Shift
38 = Eagle 4 Door Wagon
6 = ?
7 = Check Digit
J = 1988
B = Brampton Plant

1988 Shipping Order.  Thanks again to Eagle 1985.

Total 1988 production:  2,306.

Evidently Chrysler wasn't in a rush to eliminate AMC references...the window sticker & warranty coverage both reference to AMC.  I remember going to Gesner AMC in Somerset, MA in late 87, tried to convince my parents to buy the last Eagle they had; ended up with a Renault Medallion sedan,  It was one of the few I ever saw not re-badged as an Eagle.  Nice car, but quirky.....hey that sounds familliar  ;)

Also note the reference to the American Motors Sales Corporation at the bottom right of the second window sticker.  I believe the "cheapie" '88 brochure also says the same.

EFI Eagle:

88 build sheet.  If anyone has any info on "American Military Sales Corp" I sure would love to hear from you.  Thanks

I have never heard of that one.  Now to research.  You know we have kept these model year topics locked from day 1 but the great responses lately in this thread which was accidently left unlocked makes me wonder if we should not unlock the others.


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