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This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions.

Experience has told us that the hardest part is actually getting the pic to show up in your post.  Once you have done it a couple of times you see that it is easy.

Anyway, we will start from the "git go" and maybe to help you along the way you might want to print this out.

1.  To post a picture here you first need to have it hosted.

2.  We recommend you use <a href="http://www.photobucket.com/" target=_blank>www.photobucket.com[/url] as your host.   It is free and they supply you with 150 megs of picture storage. Photobucket is also easy to use they give you the pics url with the tags already in place (which means no need to use the photo button on the forum's message posting screen).   If you become a Photo Bucket Premium Member (currently $25 per year) then you get pretty much unlimited storage and can upload images up to 1 meg.

3.  First you need to get your pics ready for hosting.  For best results they should be in the .jpeg format.  And, we ask they be no larger than 700 pixels in width.  This means you will need to size your pics before you upload them to your picture host.

4.  Sizing your pics.  If you have a newer HP printer it probably came with software which allows you to edit pics.  You can also download a pic resizer for free from <a href="http://www.icegiant.com/" target=_blank>www.icegiant.com[/url]; altough it is recommended you pay the $10 fee for the extra goodies.  And, you may have your own software. 

5.  Saving your resized pics for uploading.  For photobucket to accept a pic the file name should be just one word, so run multiple words toghether without any hyphens, dashes, etc.  The file name can only contain letters and numbers -- nothing else (the .jpeg is ok).

6.  If you have not already you will need to register on photobucket.  Which is very easy.  I highly recommend once you are registered and taken to the login page that you save that page as a favorite.  Go ahead and log in.

7.  To submit a picture for hosting you will see a browse button.  Use this to find the file you want to send.  Double click on that file and it will paste the file name into the space to the left of the browse button.  Then just click on the submit button to upload your pic.  It only takes a short time, even on dial up.  Unless your pic is over 250K then photobucket will resize it -- this does take time.  However, resizing before you upload usually eliminates the need for photobucket to do this.

8.  To submit multiple pics just use that bar to indicate how many you want to submit.  Paste them all in and then submit -- the more pics you do at once the longer it takes -- so be prepared to wait.

9.  When your pic is successfully uploaded you will see a thumbnail.  Click on it once to see it as how it will look when you post it to the forum.  Then use the photobucket's button to return back to your album.  Do not use the browser's back button.

10.  Below the thumbnail  you will see a set of three "url's" .  The one you want to use for the forum is the third one.  Highlight the entire URL and then copy it to your clipboard.

11.  Go to the forum and start a new topic or modify an old one of yours.  Place your cursor where you want the pic and then just paste the link (url).  I just hold down the "shift" key and then press the "insert" key.   Save your post and the pic should be there.

12.  The biggest problems most have had are:  Not resizing the pics; having a file name not accepted by photo bucket; and not pasting the correct url, in its entirety into the message.

We hope this helps.  Once you do it a couple of times it will become easy.


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