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Tie rod threads

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Can't leave well enough alone.....
When I separated the inner tie rod from the rack the other month rather than using a separator tool I backed off the crown nut, put it upside down, threaded it back on until it was flush with the tie rod bolt and whacked it with a hammer like I've done with the outer tie rod ends and the ball joints. For whatever reason this mangled the threads and when I went to tighten the nut it spun out on the threads.
Long story short me and a shop chased the threads and put a new crown nut on last month and it tightened up fine. Then on Saturday the klunking comes back, so I look underneath and the nut's simply gone and the cotter pin's sheared off. Had to use a washer and a nail to get it back home but oh man were we close to disaster!  :o
For whatever magical reason, outer tie rod ends are still available for $13. Inner tie rod ends are not available from anyone. Since we cannot renew the remaining threads and a replacement is not available what would I do? Tap it to the next size? How would I machine that down?

Kennedy American lists the inner tie rods as available, $98.  Don't know if any of the other AMC vendors have them available or not.  Good luck!

$230cad to get it to my door.......that's incredible.

Would this help shipping from the U.S.?
Me being a scatter brain at times, missed adding the link.

Might want to check into it.

I also checked and didn’t find anything.

Just because the threads were a bit mangled I can't justify that price. Alt least, not without trying to clean up the threads again. I took it to my local mechanic and explained the problem and he went in with a fairly deep cutting die and cleaned the threads up. It doesn't change them too much but it cleaned up the flattened portion.

We then took a regular nut and ground shallow crowning into it. Popped it back into the car and heard it click in at 35 foot pounds, so it's seated and set to spec.

We still do not know what happened. We think it was a pothole and a lateral drop was enough that the crown nut used last time simply jumped the threads, allowed the taper to pop out and eventually the cotter pin wore down and failed. The suggestion was to keep an eye on it.


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