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Gronk mc2100 kit


Hello everybody. I am new to this forum. I'm looking for any info on how to contact gronk performance for a carb kit to get my eagle project on the road. I've reached out via Facebook but haven't heard back for weeks now. Is gronk still in the carb game? Thanks for reading this

I haven"t seen gronk active here in years nor have I seen any activity on his ebay sore in a few years. I do have one of the carbs he sold in the past. not well made and there multiple places they are available. IF I had a chance to do it over, and wanted to stick to a carb, I would get a Edelbrock carb and a 258 adapter, or get a fuel injection kit.
There are some that have been able to make the factory bbd carb work, in my opinion it takes a bit more patience/TIME than I have.
Then there is Clifford Performance.

I saw Gronk about a year ago at the Denver swap meet.  Due to things he has going on in his personal life, he has taken a break from the carb business.  He still has lots of carbs that need to be rebuilt so he may get back into it at some point, but everything is on hold at this time.

Good luck!


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