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Lighting switch retaining nut.


Hi there fellow Eaglites,
Does anybody know where a guy can get a lighting switch retaining nut for an Eagle.  I don't think the year matters as I believe they are all the same. All plastic. All stripped! After all the hassle of changing out the switch (which I have had to do too many times!) and then have that little beast foil the works is maddening! All help is appreciated in this most worthy matter. The car is my only transport and has been for years. No car/No work! Cheers

I do believe the headlamp switch was manufactured by Chrysler/Mopar, so a grommet from a similar switch assembly should fit.

AMC of Houston:
Unobtainium; except for used.   I've often wondered if the '65/'66 Mustang nut would work - or be modified to work - they look a bit similar.  Not being a Mustang guy, I don't have one to mess with.

This could be a solution to the problem,
I think finding the correct size would be the difficult part.


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