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Horrible fuel pump quality

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I'm now on my 3rd fuel pump replacement in the last 6 months.  First replacement one would leak around the outlet threads at the top (like it wasn't threaded right), then gave up the ghost (this was a rock auto purchased unit), replaced it with a Napa/Carter pump, which lasted maybe 2-3 months and then last week had the car slowly die out.  The arm on it had completely worn the metal wasn't designed to have the cam rub on it.  So now on the 4th field pump in the last year, this time a Delphi unit from auto zone.  Quality control on these things is just horrible seems like.  So far so good on this one...but we shall see.

Hopefully this one lasts for you. I haven’t had any problems with fuel pump’s lately so maybe you just had a string of bad luck

AMC of Houston:
Let us know if/when your Delphi unit punks out.    I've had similar experiences with the 6-banger pumps.   Since I have a lot of 258-powered cars, I keep a couple of pumps on the shelf!

When I bought my second replacement pump form LORDCO they mentioned they had gone form a 90 day to a lifetime warranty and suggested I keep the receipt and the box and on the next failure they'll give me a straight-swap.

I've kept the box and the receipt on this one!  I also have the Napa one in the box too, but I fear it was just outside the return range on that.


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