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Seatbelt warning wiring keeps failing


It seems that every six months the wire immediately outside the driver's seatbelt buckle fails internally from the buckle flexing and flopping around when I get in and out and I have to splice repair the break or the buzzer doesn't work. Hardwiring or completely disabling the buzzer is a no-go so does anyone have any good ideas on what wire I can splice in that can survive an awful lot of flexing and twisting?

At this point I am not sure of a suggestion, other than possibly pulling the similar section of wire out of a newer car that has modern wire installed. It might work and it might be a better option than experimentation with random sample bought on line or local.

I've dealt with flexing failures like that in door jamb wiring.  I would suggest 12-gauge wire.  Also, look inside the wire.  If it has like 8 fat strands, it will not last.  The wire should have very fine, hair-like strands of copper inside.

If you have the room, an extra loop or two in the wire could help spread out the flex.

If the loop won't work, get some good heat shrink tubing, the kind with the sealant/glue inside.  Apply it to the entire area that flexes and beyond; try to extend it past the splices.  I've used even two or three layers of heat shrink for added flex resistance.  This method seems to be the most durable.

It did it again. Failed right at the most rigid part of the cable: next to the soldered splice.

Next idea: High flexibility silicone wire.


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