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Lift Kit?


Pulled into my local Walmart about a week after I got it and did my shopping, on my way out this real fancy guy in a crossover wearing a black suit asked me if I had a lift kit on my car. So I told him about the AMC Eagle, how it was pretty much the predecessor to the genre of cars that his vehicle belongs to. So we started chatting back and forth, he kept asking questions, I showed him the interior, he asked about the engine, had never heard of an 'Inline' motor before, thought I was talking about a V6. Clearly not a 'car guy' by a lot of people's standards but he had the spirit! Either way he had to go to some appointment soon so after excusing himself we parted ways. Was a fun conversation!

AMC of Houston:
Must educate the un-Eagle-ucated every chance we get!!


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