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Fuel sender Replacement

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Well it lasted another two years since I repaired it but it seems my sender has really failed now. It always shows empty, especially when turning left but turn right or rock the car and there's an intermittent dead short. Good thing I caught that before it blew the gauge and unplugged it at the tank. Wiring seems to test fine so it's a mechanical problem in the tank.

I'm trying pretty badly to get a proper replacement before kludging in a Universal Fit model and then losing my mind recalibrating the float levels.
This seems to be an issue a lot of other people have hit dead-ends with according to Google, or the parts they list are from threads 10+ years old. Lordco can't find anything in stock. NAPA sees it as Out of Production. Galvin's doesn't list it and American Performance only lists the Spirit/SX-4 sender which is a different shape. I can find replacement senders for just about every other AMC vehicle though. :P

By American performance do you mean AMClives?  Might try calling the latter if you haven't, they have lots of off menu items and they do sell a full fuel tank replacement kit that includes one so maybe they can sell you one individually.

Yeah, that's them.

Now that you mention the fuel tank package I see it now too. They are closed today and weekends so I'll have to try and call them on Monday. Seeing how other parts of the kit seem to be available separately I'm sure they have them available individually.

Or they are completely out and forgot to update the listing.  :o

I used this with success in 2019...

Fuel Tank Sending Unit:  Galvin’s AMC, P/N 04-0700

BUT...looking at their site today, I'm not seeing it listed.  It may be a good idea to call and inquire to see if they're really out of them.


Not sure if that helps, but if they can get you that P/N somehow, it works well.


Did it at all require calibration when you installed it?


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