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85 Wagon U Pull & Pay Denver

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An 85 wagon just made it into the U Pull & Pay yard in Denver on 9/1/21.  It is a sport model that looks like it has been sitting for quite awhile but it looks pretty complete.  I grabbed a few things - hood release cable, floor gauge console, instrument cluster, rear wiper arm.  Hinges looked decent but I didn’t have time to grab them and besides there was a transmission (?) in the back end lol. 

I went back today and picked up the hinges and cargo cover, all in good shape.  I also picked up the left taillight for my own use.

Let me know if you’re interested in any of the things I picked up.  Thanks.

I'd like the floor gauge cluster.

Also did you see the hatchet job in the engine bay?  They RTVed the oil cap down!

Hey I'm heading up there tomorrow morning do you know what their mask requirements are. I tried looking on their website but I don't think that they have updated it in a while as it doesn't list the Eagle.

Well I grabbed the hatch and two of the armrests, as well as a couple of the manual sport mirrors from it. If I'd had the time I would have tried to get the wiring harness for the engine bay but it was such a mess under the hood that I couldn't even really see the bulkhead connector and it's a shame they destroyed the hood like they did because I would have loved to have grabbed that as well.


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