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So I've had my 1981 Eagle SX/4 "Norma" for just about a month now.  Such a random and lucky purchase I got to buy this fine piece of machinery on my birthday 7 June.  I just had surgery on my shoulder so I have not really had a chance to take it out much or get working on it but it purrs like a kitten after the seller had some vacuum leaks and the timing fixed.  Anyways, it was like my 3rd time taking it out about 2 weeks ago and the looks I get every time I drive it is priceless.  I'm at a stop light getting ready to turn left as I see a "kid" (early 20's maybe) Yell out his truck "THAT CAR IS FREAKING AWESOME"!  I know he did not have a clue on what kind of car it was but it was cool to have a younger guy appreciate/get excited about the car.  I'm down here in Georgia and every other person has a lifted 4X4 truck or a Jeep so driving this little beast around gets a lot of looks as to what the heck is that?!  The cool thing is that here in the south not many people have even seen or heard of an Eagle so I look forward to many future encounters of curious people.

We love photos.


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