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1988 Eagle Wagon in UPull Denver



I found a 1988 Eagle Wagon in the UPull Denver junkyard.  It had a 4.0 head swap so it wasn't much use to me but I'll be going back to get what trim fits my 2dr sedan as it is the burgundy colour.

Good luck!

I checked out this wagon today.  It does have the 4.0 head, intake and exhaust.  I grabbed a few things, front passenger door power window motor (need to check to see if it works), rear window wiper and washer nozzle.  It has a helper spring in the back and also saw some sort of skid plate or ??? On the rear diff, picture below.  Hinges looked to be in good shape but the odor of mouse urine was overwhelming on this hot summer day.  If you want to grab them, bring your gas mask!!


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