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:) Hey guys.
My name is Gil Irigoyen the  :) moderator for this section on Suspensions.
I was born and living in the border City of El Paso Texas
I have a 1983 Eagle SX/4 whit a 2” lift
??? Since we all know that Eagle suspension lifts and engine swaps are the most talk about modifications on Eagles, I’ll try to do my best to keep these section as accurate as possible.
:'( No body makes lift kits for Eagles since they are orphan cars, you have to fabricate and mix and match your own lift.
:-X Remember that suspension modifications are great if done right, but if done wrong they could be costly and live threatening, so ask as many questions as possible and get as much accurate information as you can before doing any thing to your vehicle.
:tongue: Make sure that when you are posting answers they have as much information as you can describe and if at all possible try to post pictures and diagrams whit clear explanations.
:shocked: Your opinions are more that welcome; just let us know that it is an opinion.
;) I’m sure that we are all interested in your suspension upgrades, so keep us post it on your work and progress, remember this Web Side is to exchange ideas and knowledge so we can learn from one another. Chances are pretty good that what you are thinking on doing some one alls all ready tried it.
;D So good luck whit your suspension lift project  ::).


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