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Still Pat:
Took the bird to be detailed yesterday. gal from my last job does it on the side. When she got done (4 - 5 hours later), it was 95° & this old fat boy wasn't standing out there any longer than required. The ONLY after pic. I took was the engine. I think it turned out right nice! May get more today.

Looks really nice.  Can't wait to see some more pictures!  Thanks for posting.

Looking good

Still Pat:
One LARGE problem is I'm teknolojliklee challenged! Technology tends to confuse me. :-\ I get by fairly well on spacebook, but that's about it. One of the groups there (AMC Universe) was gonna do a "virtual" car show since everything's getting cancelled. So, me & my bright ideas decided to make a video like they said. I almost didn't post it & am still half tempted to delete it! I don't know how to get it from there to here even if I wanted to. Sorry, y'all, by the way, the birds got me the FIRST night! Right across the hood & front fender. Apparently they found something purple!

Those birds were jealous of your nice looking Eagle  :censored:


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