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'80 and '85 at U-Pick-It, Prescott, Arizona


Prescott Valley, Arizona
December 29, 2019

Year: 1980
Make: AMC
Model: Eagle
Body: 2-Door Sedan (I say coupe)
Color: Silver and Maroon
Interior: Red
Engine: 258 I6
Transmission: Automatic
Options:A/C, P/S, P/B, Manual Locks, Manual Windows
Date of Arrival: December 24, 2019. Yes, Christmas eve.

Missing: wheels, tires, hood, grill, headlights, headlight buckets, headlight bezels, A/C condenser, fan, shroud, belt idler pulleys, tail lights, radio. Perfect sheet metal, no body damage or rust. Interior is good. Really heartbreaking. This car drove itself to the wrecking yard. "Runs and drives" written on the windshield....not any more. Grandpa probably died and the grandkids didn't want it, so it went for scrap. Parts only now. Good restoration candidate. The yard's website says they will not sell whole cars but you might be able to twist their arm into making an exception. Contact me if you do and I will sell you back the parts I took from it.

I have the grill and I want to sell it to somebody who needs it. It needs repainted but is not broken.


Year: 1985
Make: AMC
Model: Eagle
Body: Station Wagon
Color: Tan and Copper
Interior: Sand
Engine: 258 I6
Transmission: Automatic
Options: A/C, P/S, P/B
Date of Arrival: December 13, 2019

Looks like it hit something in the front. All of the grill and headlight assemblies are gone along with the A/C condenser, radiator, fan, shroud, hood, and some engine accessory brackets. Some body damage to the left front fender and door. Interior good.

It's always a shame when an Eagle in such great condition, especially one that is driveable, ends up in the junkyard.  Thanks for the heads up on these and saving some of the parts.

I have heard so many people say, "I've always wanted an Eagle, but I couldn't find any good and solid ones left by the time I had the money to finally buy one. There are just none left."

That annoys me, because yes, there are solid Eagles left. I am sure that Eagle sat in the front "for sale" lot of U-Pick-It for several months before management decided that nobody wanted it and consigned it to the parts yard where cars go in and never come out. I would have done something if I'd known it was there for sale. I just didn't know until I hit the deer with mine and started looking for parts. By then it was too late for this one.

Oh well. I saved mine from the salvage yard with only a week of time left. The owner was going to send it to the yard if nobody came for it. He literally listed it for free, but nobody came before me.

I was able to get my Kammback from a salvage yard.  Must have just been put on the lot because it was still very complete.  Nothing wrong with it other than it had not been tagged in 16 years.  I thought they wouldn't sell me the whole car but I asked and they did.  So glad I could save this rare little Eagle from the vultures and then the crusher!

They are both still there. I have stripped hundreds of dollars of parts off both of them for my own use.

The rest of you need to go. They've been there since mid December and they are now overdue for crushing by this yard's typical schedule. There is not much time.

Somebody really needs to get the specific trim from that 1980. I'm not pulling it unless somebody here wants to pay me for it. I already have parts falling out my ears.


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