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About as Stock as you want an '82 4.2 to be


I was holding off until a bit more maintenance was done under the hood before posting this.
Just typical stuff. New filters, vacuum, cooling and fuel lines, reinstalled Cruise Command and a "booster Seat" battery mount to handle a Type 124R battery. That's also a new radiator.

I can't help but notice two things: It doesn't appear as if the car ever had Air Conditioning, nor the solenoids and plumbing for the Upstream and Divert system, which makes the passenger side a lot emptier.

hi, whats a booster seat?  gz

Adapter plate that lets a larger battery fit in the tray by raising the battery out of the tray and putting the edge guards another 1/4" out. It does however require rubber covers on the battery cables so they don't touch the hood.


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