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83 Wagon - LQK Pick Your Part Aurora CO


Found this 83 Woody Wagon at the junkyard today, it had been at the yard for about 2 weeks, wasn't missing much except the radio and hatch hinges, but a lot had been taken off and was laying around, like the transmission, transfer case, strips for the roof rack, carb, radio bezel, etc.  I grabbed the intermittant wiper switch and control box, heater/ac control, one perfect front speaker grill, and the radio bezel.  Looks like somebody used the jaws of life to get the hood open.  Odd thing about this car was that it had no passenger side outside mirror.  Not sure I've ever seen one like that before.

Is this car still at the yard?


--- Quote from: jeanajavelin on November 04, 2020, 03:39:22 PM ---Is this car still at the yard?

--- End quote ---

No, cars are only there for a couple months.


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