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Set of 4 original Eagle wheels with studded snow tires


These are a full set of original (I think) Eagle wheels, mounted with Hankook "Winter I*Pike" studded tires.  If you ever wanted to have a second set of winter wheels they you can swap to without re-mounting tires, this is your chance. (Pictures below)

The wheels and tires are all in great shape.  The tires are pretty close to new condition, with a measured tread depth of .25 inch, and the studs look good, too.  The wheels/tires have been balanced.

They were on my Eagle when I bought it and had it shipped here from Idaho. That's why I can't swear that they are original Eagle wheels; I didn't ask the owner.  You guys probably know what original wheels look like better than me. 

I think $150 is a fair starting price... the tires alone were in the $100 each range when they were bought, and they're in 'like new' condition. The 'catch' is that shipping is totally up to the buyer; you must either pick them up yourself here in Sugar Land, or arrange for someone to come by my place, pick them up and ship them for you.  In other words, I'm not willing to try to box them or package them for shipping.

Bidding ends 2 weeks after first bid.  Let me know if you need additional info or pictures.

John Bendiksen

I'm modifying this auction because it has become clear that the shipping issue is a deal-breaker for just about everyone.  I've done a little research, and it looks like I could package and ship the 4 wheel/tires for between $270 and $320 (shipping charges, materials,and my labor) to most of the northern-most states.  This would be using NEX for the shipping (  If you want to calculate what it would cost to ship to your zip code, use the calculator at their web site, and assume that it would take 4 30"x30"x10" boxes weighing 48 pounds each.  To that cost, add the cost of the cardboard boxes, packing material, shrink-wrap, etc., and a modest gratuity for my labors...  So I think $250-$300 is a good ballpark estimate.  My estimates were using Oregon and Michigan as sample destinations; obviously it would be less for closer destinations.

So if that information changes anything for you, let the bids roll on in!

John B.

Let the air out of the tires for shipping. You can stack them and roll them up in a cardboard tube so a handtruck can be used and they may cut you a break. I did that with a set that I had and shaved $100 off shipping. Also taking them to a UPS hub if there is one nearby cuts the cos even more.


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