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Pasigen's engine 4.6 liters

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I share some pictures of my 6 cylinders in line 4.6 liters engine (282 cubic inches) with dual throat carburetor, currently deep repair.

What amazes me is how rust free the engine bay is.  We are so used to seeing rust up North.

Although it was left abandoned for 10 years, thankfully stayed parked in a place where there was not much wet and homeless under full sun, the more l inner part of the board is the most affected but soon repair all those parts.

A couple of questions.  Is the carburetor the one from the factory or was it replaced with something else?  And, was the spark coil mounted on the firewall instead of on the engine block like North American AMC cars?

The coil if it is mounted on the boom, only in the pictures is recharged aside to give me room to continue dismantling the engine, the carburetor is original of agency.


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