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Ok, here is a weird one....

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A little background for the experts

Rebuilt engine
All the vacuum hoses removed, exept for PVC, 4wd and vac advance
hei one wire dist

So, hooking my tach bask up, connected the wire from the tach place on the dist to the green wire on the harness

Tach works, sorta, BUT

Only when turn signals are blinking, each time the signals flash it jumps to the correct rpms then back to zero

Also I have power windows, so if you roll up the window but continue to press the switch after the window is all the way up the tach works great perfect, until you stop trying to "over" roll up the window!

What the......

Everything else electrical works fine

So if i want to know my rpms I just have to turn?


Check for ground for your tach... :eagle:

Is this a stock tach or an aftermarket? Stock tachs ground through the negative post of the ignition coil. If it's aftermarket and has a separate ground wire and the trigger wire to the negative of the ignition coil, then I agree with eaglebeek, check the grounds.

It's the stock tach, I agree it's a ground somewhere, i don't think it's in the dash must be under the hood somewhere, after all it was all removed and replaced, musta missed one somewhere

It's just weird that's it related to the turn signals

The stock tach grounds through the upper left mounting screw where it attaches to the instrument cluster, and it looks like it shares a common ground with the turn signals and various other lights on the cluster.  Here is a picture of the back of the cluster, the ribbon on the printed circuit board goes to about the 9:00 position on the round connector.  Please don't mind the slippers  :rotfl:

PS that box in the background is your hood trim waiting to be shipped today Amc1320.


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