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Some questions about a spirit


How hard/expensive would it be to find some Spirit AMX flares and front air dam.
I messaged a seller about one, but the car is missing the wheel well flares as well as the front air dam.
I'm still waiting to hear back on the motor/transmission [I'm hoping 304/4 speed]
From what I can find, the production numbers seem to be under 3000. So parts availability is instantly an issue for me.

I'm going to assume it's a 79 by the Turbocast II wheels.
From what I've searched online, they seem to be cheap enough to pick up full car's that need work, but with the <3000 production on the AMX, I'm thinking that parts themselves are going to be super hard to find.

I'm just hoping it runs well enough to get it here. I'll probably be doing a bunch of work to the motor anyways as 130HP really isin't enough to keep me entertained.. but if it's a solid car, it could make for an interesting project.

El Matador:
Go to Ontario Kijiji and look at ad 351034626

If the owner of the AMX posted the VIN, you can tell by the 8th character what it came with.

Ohio AMX:
The fender flares are easier to find than the front spoiler, but an element of luck is still involved. I bought all 4 flares and half of the front spoiler very reasonably last year, but then had to spend 3 times as much as the whole set just to get the other half of the spoiler (which was NOS).

The good news is that some 78-80 AMX owners don't like the flares and take off perfectly good ones. They were also used on the Gremlin GT which makes a few more sets out there.


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