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'83 to '03? AMC 150.4 cu in 2.5L I-4


Just a quick start here since I didn't see a forum for it (don't see one for the Iron Duke 2.5 either)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_Straight-4_engine has the basics.

I feel that if AMC had put the EFI into the Eagle in '87 ('86 on the 4 cyl), sales would've taken off like the XJ did.

When they went to Renix TBI, the 4 cyl used the tone ring on a flexplate (see pic)

As i have an 87 258 well it has a normal flywheel. what starter do you have with that.

4 cyl parts won't fit 4.0L and you'd need a Grand Cherokee flexplate from a '94 up 4.0L and 42RE to fit the 998 trans, but the converter may be different too (haven't checked with my trans parts warehouse guys)

(this probably needs moving to the other flexplate thread)


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