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Motorcraft 2150 Carb Upgrade

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On the 4th, I finally got around to opening up the box containing my upgrade kit and starting the process of replacing my old carter carb. Today, I made it to the part of the process where I got the engine started and now I'm working on cleaning up the engine bay and taking care of all outstanding issues with the install.

First impressions:

* At most rpms, the engine runs much quieter than before
* I get consistent acceleration through 75mph. Before, I'd really have to strain above 55.
* I still have a stall issue that requires higher than normal idle, but now that is 1500rpm vs 2200rpm*
* The biggest thing is just how smooth it all sounds and feels.
*There was a brief (20 minute test drive) where the idle was set normally and I didn't have the stall issue. I'm relatively confident that once I deal with the outstanding vacuum hoses and wire in the choke, I should have a normal idle (and even quieter car).

Have you bypassed the ECM yet?


--- Quote from: ammachine390 on July 07, 2011, 01:02:26 AM ---Have you bypassed the ECM yet?

--- End quote ---

The ECM had been bypassed for the past two years.

I forgot to mention - I now have an instant startup. As in get in the car, turn the key for barely a second and the engine is up and running. This is a big change from having to crank and pump the gas for about 15-30 seconds before it would fire up.

Get some pics posted and let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

Did you fix the stalling issue?  If not, post some good pics.  It is most likley vacuum or timing.


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