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NASA and AMC's pet project.

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Anyone ever heard of a Sterling engine. I had heard the name but never had any idea of what i was. Its an old idea concieved in 1816 by Robert stirling to rival the steam engine. Its a kind of extenal combustion engine...wikipedia can explain it better than I can. Any way,  turns out NASA was doing some experimentation with this engine in the late 70's. In theory this engine can turn unheard of gas mileage numbers. Evidently NASA and AMC teamed up briefly and one of these experimental engines found its way under the hood of a 79' Spirit and later a D-150 Dodge.

awesome find, eggs to you ....... i wonder what tranny bolted up to it

Thanks Bill ;D Im really curious as to what kind of power it produced too. According to a Hemings blog the Dodge actually surfaced in a NASA cold storage area but no trace of the AMC has surfaced. heres the write ups http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2009/01/27/nasa-gets-spiritual-and-drops-stirling-engines-in-some-odd-vehicles/

Looking further into this subject...looks like the functional prototype was actually a VAM Lerma....the beloved concords Mexican counterpart....Im like obsessed with this thing!!

Interesting;looks like a turbo and a HUGE air cleaner,fitted onto a stock motor from what I can see.I'd like to hear one run,maybe this technology will be revisited soon


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