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Anyone seen a Spirit Limited lately?

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I was just looking around here on the Spirit thread....I never knew they made a Spirit Limited..... Ive never seen or heard of one! I love those high back leather seats!! Has Anyone here ever seen one of these rare cars...or better yet owned one?

Spirit Limited? Maybe that means GT?  Cuz there were quite a bit of GT's made. Or maybe there was a Spirit Limited? I've never heard of one either! That would be cool to see one if there is one.

El Matador:
The only place I've seen one of these mythical beasts is in a brochure.  It doesn't make sense that AMC would even offer it, since the Spirit was intended to be an economy car and/or a sporty car - not a luxury car.  I doubt many were sold.

The luxury car niche was filled by the Concord, so the Concord Limited made much more sense - although those seem to be extremely rare as well.  I have been tipped off as to the whereabouts of one close to me though...

1979 Spirit Limited Sedan

1980 Spirit Limited Liftback


oh man I'd love to get my hands on a few of the "sedan" options for my kammback.  Mainly those awesome pillowtop seats and the rear window deflector


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