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Our Members AMC Eagle(s) Engine.


This Board Is Post Pictures Of Your AMC Eagle Engine.
Dosent matter if it is a SIX or FOUR Cylinder.
We dont care if your engine is dirtier then the local garbage dump or if it shines more then a diamond.
Not even important if it still has the original plastic valve cover (broken) or a carbonfiber one with gold inlay.
All we whant to is to see some pictures of it.
Name your topic post:
"(members forum name) AMC Eagle Engine."

Try to keep the pictures so that each one is visible (no more than 775 pixels wide) in one page with out having to slide it over for a complete view, with this the members can enjoy your pictures a lot better.

Thanks for your cooperation on this. And we hope to see your AMC Eagle Engine pictures posted here soon.


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