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Chirping noise in reverse only?!?


I hope this is in the right place...

I have an 82 Spirit DL, auto trans.  I just noticed today while I was parking, it has a strange chirping noise when in reverse.  Only in reverse...and the car was not moving.  I put it into drive and no noise, back to reverse, noise... I am not sure where the noise was coming from, I did not hear it until I opened my door.

Any ideas?

I take you mean in reverse with your foot on the brake?  Or, it does not move at all in reverse?

It does move and drive fine as far as I can tell.  And yes, I had my foot on the break, but I also released the break and idled back.

Could be the drive train shifting over the opposite way when in reverse opens up a small leak in the exhaust.

AMC of Houston:
Once I had a dry/worn out U-joint do that.   Would squeak spinning in one direction (backing up) but not spinning the other way (forward).     Weird, I know.


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