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From the 1979 Dealer Brochure

Total Spirit/AMX model year production:  52,714 cars (16,237 four-cylinder cars and 36,241 six-cylinder cars, and 3,893 V8 cars.)  3,657 of these cars were AMX's.  Numbers of Sedans vs. Liftbacks is not known at this time.

Do you have any Spirit Sedan pictures?  (Kammback)

Yes, I will get them on later.

OOOOOOOO :o, I like that console set up in the second pic down, was that a spirit or 2wd thing only or did it make it's way into the Eagle as well?

Spirit only.  That console won't fit into an Eagle because the trans tunnel is different.  The Spirit/Concord gauge package was stacked two over two as opposed the the Eagle's horizontal row of gauges.  You will also see you could get a center armrest in a Spirit or Concord.


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