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hey maybe you can help me i have a 1987 amc eagle and it has been stating just fine although lately when i am driving and i come to a stop light it has ben stalling(dyeing) to where i have to restart it again each time i have been comming to a stop light it has died i have gave it a tune up and all can you please give me your input to my problem please thanks!

Carb idle tubes, maybe.

My 82 would stall occasionally at stoplights or slowing to turn a corner. I cleaned the idle tubes and it helped for while. When it did it again I ordered a kit to upgrade the tubes and added a screen below the tubes. It's been over a year and its never stalled ever again.


AMC of Houston:
You really don't need the screens and shorter tubes unless you're a serious mudder and/or use crap for gas.   If you just drill out the bottom of the tubes to .030 per the AMC service bulletin; you'll probably be fine (and without spending any $'s!).

Sometimes, a bad coil will cause these same problems.

Start engine, idles, drives just fine. Then, stop at a light and it's dead. You have to restart it, it's ok, then it happens again.

Years ago, I had a '62 Dodge Dart, 318, push button Torqueflite. It had the same problem. Would keep stalling. A mechanic told me that a weak coil will cause the same problem. Sometimes, a weak coil can be finicky around sources of microwaves.

Every time I pulled into the PA State Police barricks, it would stall. I'd start it, then it would stall, wouldn't run. When I pushed it out of the parking lot, it would start right up and drive just fine, until I took my foot of the pedal.



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