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Rear Spring Lift

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Take those blocks of the rear right now and go out and buy some Rancho Add-A-Leaf or any other brand.
Blocks are a cheap way that the lift manufacturers use to make money out of us.
Blocks are dangerous front and rear. They apply to much torque to the spring and whit the fulcrum they increase the pressure apply to the leaf spring. The point at which the differential bolt on to the spring is were all that power from the engine and the suspension is coming together.
In the long run the leaf springs will start looking like a roller-coaster.
One of the best things for a lift on leaf springs is and Add-A-Lift for any thing more than 1”1/2.
For a higher lift go to a leaf spring package, the lift from them is a lot higher than the Add-A-Leaf. They will make for a much harder ride.
Then there are the longer spring shackles which to my way of thinking more then a 2” lift and the body will start to sway and fish tail to much. If you do go with longer shackles get some heavy duty ones one piece and use some type of polyurethane bushings (I swear by polyurethane bushings there all most for life)
You can always set up a combination of shackles and add-a-lift or spring package.
And don’t forget to put an angle wedge between the differential spring plate and the spring base to give it a bit of angle to help keep the U-Joint angle from being to steep.
The ultimate lift is going to a spring coil or better yet an air suspension but since there are no kits made for the AMC Eagle you will need to make and pick your own parts from other kits and see what works.
Some people think that air shocks will lift the vehicle but not really what they do is assist the springs and raise it to a level position when there is a heavy load on the car. If used to lift the vehicle they will soon wear out and be of no help to absorb the road socks.

Also of note on this subject, don't install a lift to compensate for saggy springs, all that will do is bend them even more 'backwards' and they will break eventually.  Cheap springs can be had from ESPO ($120 a pair) and there is no excuse for not replacing them if they already look 'flat' or even worse.

Though I personally ordered a set from them which was arched +1.5" from stock (extra charge), and they flattened out to stock within months, so I don't know about their custom arching procedures (you're supposed to heat them to cherry, bend them, and then let them cool - as far as I know... I think they bend them without heating thus they had a static 1.5" gain when I got them but once weight was on them for a little while they went back to their "memorized" position which was stock).

Thanks for the heads up on thier lifted springs spudz and thanks for all your info Gil!!

We will sent you the bill for the service

pony lover:
Thanks!! I've been contemplating all of the above. Add A Leaf sounds like the best solution. Part numbers anyone ?


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