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 Only the two four door models remain and AMC is no longer building AMC designed cars in the United States as production of the Eagle was moved to the Brampton Ont. plant.  The AMC Eagle is the last AMC designed car still being produced by AMC.  The sedan and the wagon.  The Select Drive system is changed to allow Shift on the Fly.  The 1984 AMC Eagle with the four cylinder engine delivered 24 mpg in the city 30 mpg on the high way with the four speed transmission and 32 mpg with the five speed on the high way.

1984 AMC Eagle Sedan four door.  4 door sales remained steady at 4,241 units.

1984 AMC Eagle Wagon.  Wagon sales rebounded substantially over the previous year to 21,294; the second best sales year for the wagon. (Owner member: cheeseconnection).

1984 Production totals:  25,535

Are you serious? 32 MPG?  What conditions were there?

That was AMC speaking.  We all know how the car makers tended to provide some glowing MPG numbers.

Eddie Stakes:
I believe the miles per gallon ratings are actual CAFE ratings. In a 1981 AMC color catalog, AMC mentions that the 81 Eagle, equipped with a 4 cylinder, and 4 speed, gets a whopping 29 miles per gallon. In AMC annual report to stock holders......this was mentioned also that it was 2 miles per gallon more than what government required. I don't remember what the requirements were for a 258-6/AT of which what most Eagles were. So as mentioned down below (or above) a Eagle with four cylinder and 'five' speed could easily get 32mpg....on the highway.

From own 81 Eagle station wagon is a 4 cylinder, 4speed and gets about 24-27mpg here in Houston, Texas when I drive it. At first I thought gas gauge busted as it never moved. I'm used to 390s and 401s you know.
Eddie Stakes

Actually the MPG figures may have been accurate for the 80's, but since the EPA changed the way MPG is figure a few years back, it would be lower now.


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