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Author Topic: Vehicle Electronic Emissions and Engine Management (MCU/CeC)  (Read 1567 times)

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Vehicle Electronic Emissions and Engine Management (MCU/CeC)
« on: January 31, 2023, 02:13:20 PM »
As time progresses more regions will not allow vehicles to remain on (and off) the paved road unless they pass a tailpipe or vehicle inspection which includes among other things a functioning emissions control and engine management system. For those who wish to have a fully restored and complete vehicle this will be mandatory anyway.
Equally as time progresses the information needed to troubleshoot and service AMC's Computerized Engine Control becomes hard to locate, much like its various components, resulting in confusing or frustrating problems and wasted time and money servicing and troubleshooting misdiagnosed faults.
While I am not entirely proficient in every aspect of the CeC and I don't have expert knowledge of its inner workings down to the component level, I am willing to assist in finding solutions for testing the various sensors, developing substitute parts and
 performing repairs on non-serviceable components. Furthermore I am willing to collaborate with others in helping to resolve some of the more terminal issues that can develop, such as blown output drivers and bit-rotting MPU roms.
Furthermore if you have a computer which you are in doubt of its functionality I'm willing to help. I seem to be one of the few remaining people who admit to owning AMC's official MCU tester. While I would rather not lend it out I am willing to test MCU's and components of the system that you either have no ability to test or require a second opinion. At this time I cannot perform major repairs due to insufficient research but I can absolutely get you a yes/no on if something is working or not.

For something as simple as testing your MCU or checking a solenoid I can do it for free, so long as you pay shipping. While I am not a part-time garage and I do not travel for work if you cross paths with me you are welcome to have the ET-501 plugged in for a full-feedback system test as it only takes a few minutes.

Please be aware I am not offering my services as a parts vendor or specialty mechanic. I do keep a small amount of used or defective parts as serviceable cores or for comparison but I am not in the market to be doing full part rebuilds and reconditioning.
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Re: Vehicle Electronic Emissions and Engine Management (MCU/CeC)
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2023, 02:55:52 PM »

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Re: Vehicle Electronic Emissions and Engine Management (MCU/CeC)
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2023, 03:18:56 PM »
Gleebledorf is also a fantastic source for information on how to identify and test most of the parts of AMC/Jeep's 80's emissions components.  8)


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