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Author Topic: Thank You Eagle Community!!!  (Read 4089 times)

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Thank You Eagle Community!!!
« on: March 22, 2015, 01:50:29 PM »
I just wanted to thank this community as a whole. I've been a member here for many years now and love the tight knit group we have. Everyone is here to help wherever they can and I love it. I've taken advantage of it on numerous occasions...though I hate to say "taking advantage" as most are more than willing to help. I know there have been many, many member that have helped me in some form or another over the years, but I'd like to specifically name a few now.

Chaz, Mavricke, though I know some have had some bad experience with him it was his hospitality and Eagle he had for sale that got me and my then girlfriend and now wife to travel several hours from home to attend an AMC Eagle Meet and AMC Nationals show in Illinois. I called Chaz the night before the meet when we happened to be in St. Louis and asked if I could come take a look at his car and he offered to let us stay at his place and attend the Meet the following day. I even got a shirt and a goodie bag even though I had not registered or paid to attend the meet. This was just the foot in the door that I needed!

Rick, eaglefreek, where do I start! Rick attened this same AMC National show and gave me and my wife our first ride in an AMC Eagle. We were taken from the gate to the show area in the front seat of his white wagon when it was much more stock! :) I'm sure it was also him and others at that show that talked me into purchasing my first Eagle that was for sale there. (Not Chaz's) but a guy who had trailered his 32k mile car from the St. Louis area. Since then Rick and I have been in contact a lot about Eagle related things and we met up once on his way from Tenn. to CO. Later he even used his now beefed up white wagon to dolly my SX/4 from Missouri to the AMC Eagle Motel Meet at the Rambler Ranch. Not to mention helped me work on my car at the Ranch. Rick, thanks again for all the help over the years.

Eric, SpreadEagle, was there to help me when I purchased Penny in Kansas City yet lived 4 hours away. He helped on occasion when I would come to visit and try to get my Eagle started. And he was there again when I finally had a shop just do the work and I needed another gas tank cause mine was too rusty.

Dave, Vangremlin, has been a great parts supplier since Eagles seem to pop up in the CO area junkyards more than anywhere else in the states. I have bought a number of things from him and his prices are always fair considering the rarity of the items and the price and time required to remove and ship them. He also made a trip to my car at the Rambler Ranch after it got stranded in October and was able to do some additional testing for me.

Rich, rollguy, a great and knowledgeable forum member who has contributed a lot to my own Eagle knowledge via the forum, but who also came to the rescue when my Eagle got stranded at the Rambler Ranch and I needed a ride back to Utah. Though it was interesting riding backseat of a Mercedes sedan with no passenger seat and no bottom cushion for the rear seat while sprawled out on a twin mattress pad, I still very much appreciated the ride over the mountains with all the crap I had grabbed from MO while I was home and hopped to drive back in my Eagle. It worked out perfect since he had come to the meet from California and my wife was able to pick me up en route off of I-70.

Andrew, amosende, another time when a forum member helped all Penny for me. This time helping me take it from Kansas City, Kansas to Rolla where I lived. I just had a 4.0 installed by a shop in KCK and it was having oil delivery issues so I just wanted it home with me. He helped me get it there in a whirl wind weekend where he rented Tahoe and a Uhaul from St. Louis where I met him and then we picked up his Eagle an hour or so North of town and drove it up to Minnesota and then drove the empty trailer to KCK and picked up my Eagle, dropped it off in Rolla and drove back to St. Louis to return the truck and trailer in time to just pay for a 1 day rental!

Brian, who used to be a member but hasn't been on in years. We connected on Facebook when I found out he wanted an Eagle in Utah, but lived in Denver. He was going to drive a trailer to pick his Eagle up and take it home. He miss judged where St. George's the South Western part of Utah and so I offered to pick up his Eagle and drive it to Bullfrog where he would then trailer my Eagle and pick his up. Again nothing but good experiences all around. My wife and I drove to St. George where the owner of the Eagle for sale let us stay the night in his RV. We then paid for the Eagle and drove back to Bullfrog. Brian showed up on Friday night and paid for his Eagle and we fed him and let him crash on our couch. In the morning we unloaded my Eagle and loaded his up and he headed off to Moab.

I've put a lot of trusted in the Eagle community over the years and I've yet to be let down. Thanks again everyone who has not been named. I have been given mudflaps and some spring spacers from members that saw I was looking for some. I don't recall their names but again much appreciated. Thanks Doug, Paula, and Ken for all you do to keep the forum running as smoothly as it has for so long...minus the little bit in their when some of us were getting frustrated with Steve. Look forward to many more years of Eagle goodness! And I try to repay the kindness when I can.
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Re: Thank You Eagle Community!!!
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2015, 07:26:51 PM »
Thanks Doug, Paula, and Ken for all you do to keep the forum running as smoothly as it has for so long...minus the little bit in their when some of us were getting frustrated with Steve. Look forward to many more years of Eagle goodness! And I try to repay the kindness when I can.

Agreed. These people are the life blood of this community, and I hate to think of where we would be without them....Rich
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