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Author Topic: About the "Bucket Brigade"  (Read 12556 times)

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About the "Bucket Brigade"
« on: June 09, 2007, 10:01:42 PM »
AMC EN Member, Obsurity, posted this method of helping fellow AMC'ers on the AMC Heritage Forum.  Say, you need to get a part or parts, or maybe an entire car to someone else some distance away.  Sometimes this can be accomplished via a relay system (bucket brigade), if delivery time is not crucial.

So, if you have something to send or want something from another AMC'er post your request here and then, and this is what makes this neat, post the link of your request here over at the othe participating AMC Boards.  So far the AMC Heritage Forums and this one are cooperating.  I am sure the other major Forums will too once asked.

The link for the other participating Bucket Brigade Boards are - Note:  You must be a member at most to post, but many here already are:

  AMC Heritage Forum

Here is what Obscurity originally wrote:

  A friend of mine is involved in a forum for Landcruisers, she was showing me their forum today and they have this great section...they call it MUDship. What it is, is a way for members to help each other get stuff, reccomending shipping methods for parts etc, but the thing that I think is the coolest is that someone can post that they bought, say, a rear diff and axle from Ontario, and they need it and they're in Nevada, well if someone from Ontario happens to be going to Moab, or to Seattle, and might be passing even remotely their way, the part can be brought along and arrangements can be made to meet up, or to at least ship from a closer location.
I'm sure many on this forum have met up to get parts to each other, but most likely those that you have met before, or live closer to....perhaps we could add somthing to the forum to make our world a little smaller. We could at least publicize some of our planned road trips (AMC related or not), or publicize that we need a part brought from one place to another and see if karma, or fate, or just plain old dumb luck is on our sides...
Does this sound like a good idea? (if it doesen't I appologize, I'm kinda tired right now!)
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