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Author Topic: Oil Filter - current goto?  (Read 1257 times)

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Oil Filter - current goto?
« on: March 10, 2022, 06:18:09 PM »
I was out of the Carquest blue #85522 oil fillers I bought a number of back when they were made by Wix. 

... 'The' filter to get used to be WIX, aka NAPA Gold, aka Carquest Blue, with the NAPA Gold the most expensive source and the Carquest Blue the least expensive source. I get the filter with the slightly physically longer body/can that is more commonly seen on jeeps, just to have more filter area, just because. Don't recall the part # from Carquest Blue. I can check my spares tomorrow...
I have one spare left. Carquest Blue #85522
This doesn't look like the longer one, but it also matches the one currently on my 258. I think my memory is playing with me.

What's in the box of the Carquest Blue #85522 has changed.
  • The can is 10 mm (0.3937 ") shorter. (Diameter is the same.)
  • The rubber gasket is a hair narrower on the outside and the inside. 
  • Six large round holes are now seven oval holes.
    - Compared to circular hole, an oval hole won't pass as much once at a particular velocity. I don't know what the oil flow nor velocity is. So I don't know if the change will or won't affect oil flow in these engines. I'd like to think their engineers got it right, but intuitively it looks like less area, so I'd be thinking constricted flow.
    - From the photo (I didn't notice before I installed it), I see that the exposed side of the oval holes have a nice rounded profile hole edge, for less turbulence, improved flow. And comparing what can be seen of all of the oval holes, it appears that the inside edge has the same or similar reduced-turbulance profile. It may be shadows playing a trick, but rather than a simple rounded profile, it almost looks like the approach is shaped. And the lack of a squared wall, the outer edge profile transitions directly into the inner edge profile, shows that they've tried to minimize turbulent flow.
    - The old circular holes have clearly visible squared sides, and while I don't remember how square their edges were when new, their edges look like they have been getting polished or even had wear.

Even IF the total area of the oval holes are somewhat less, or near same area but oval shape, with the rounded profile edges, it could very well be an upgrade in flow.

And possibly no or reduced wear of hole edges contributing to fine metal particulate in oil?

Installed and engine sounds the same.

Back when, I found a "Jeep" filter that was larger and used those. That might be the #85522, I don't remember.

What's your current goto oil filter?

Offline Canoe

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Re: Oil Filter - current goto?
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2022, 01:04:12 AM »
With WIX and Purolator owned by Mann-Hummel, apparently a lot of the new stock of WIX (i.e., Carquest) are re-branded Mann filters. As seen with the oval holes that are seen in Mann filters.

A lot of people not happy with the Mann-Hummel new iterations of Wix filters, claiming - and sometimes showing - lowered build quality.

I found photos of NAPA Gold, a.k.a. WIX, a.k.a. Carquest Blue, of the same era of the old filter I just replaced. The nicely oversized holes have a slight rounded profile edge that was perfectly even around the hole. So the slightly uneven rounded edge holes on the old filter I took off suggests some wear.


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