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With nearly 500 members we should have a whole lot more than 40 members posting pictures of their cars.  Anyway, we will soon be needing more ROTM candidates in the upcoming months for the 2007 calendar so lets start getting some more pictures here.  Maybe think about doing some snow pictures too.

I'll be outfitting mine with some racks, off road gear, and a canoe that I'm buying this weekend, and will send pics of my summer adventures that are already in the planning phase.  I'd love to see everyone else's pics too, I can look at eagles for days.

We have quite a few here.  But more is better.

We would like to have at leat one picture of each members AMC Eagle no matter how it looks or the condition of it.
It all be nice if you would place a picture of your self in the members pictures so we can have a face to go along with the friend.

There'll be no shortage of snow scenery in my pictures.
I have almost a GB of documentitive photography on my eagle already.
It'll all be posted on my site http://eatuniverse.net soon enough.
Some are already there under the AcidFree Media.


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