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I picked up my Eagle back in February. Person I got it from got it out of a barn where it had sat since the early 90s. He was going to Destruction Derby it but he came into financial issues so he sold the car to me. I had NEVER seen an Eagle Sedan, I thought they were all wagons. This is still the only Eagle Sedan I have seen. Now that I have seen the Kammback, I want it. Aha. Bought the car with the gas tank in the back seat.

I am not aiming for like showroom quality, just presentable. It's been a long road. The interior smelled like death. The wooden board that held the speakers in the back window was completely rotten from rat :censored:. Surprisingly, there is no wiring damage except in the trunk from rats. I do want to repaint it. The front end was completely borked. I tore it all out and replaced it. Paid a pretty penny for lower ball joints :censored:. When I say there was no steering, there was no steering.


Yeah, I think I had mice under my dash.I hate mice.

Looks like a good start, if it wasn't for the rag top I would give some buffing on the paint a try. it may well be a pleasant surprise how the oxidation comes off. Looks like a nice, low rot car though.

hey, nice find. I have an 84 Eagle Sedan myself.  good luck,  gz
ps. total  1984 4dr Sedan production,  about 4200.


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