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Electric Shift T-case options?


Hello EaglesDen Members,
I have been on the lookout for a 4 low compatible transfer case that would be compatible with my 1984 four door wagon eagle.  I've searched for 242, 231, and even tried to look for the 249 without much luck. Manual would be nice, but I'm starting to wonder about any electric Shift options?

Yes, complexity is increased but I think it would be cool to retromod uthe dashboard vacuum switch to work using limit switches and an arduino. Does anyone know if any Chevy/Ford/jeep electric Shift t cases w/ four low which would be compatible in bolt up and size to work with the stock T5?

I thought the rangers and explorers might be but after some more research I found that they were running with 5 point connection to the transmission. I don't know much about the other manufacturers since I've always driven an xj, a vw, and a wj. Any assistance would be appreciated!! Thanks for your time

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