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Still Pat:
Okay, here goes. I currently own two Eagles (#s 5 & 6 to date). I lost my house nearly 10 years ago & now live in an apartment complex. In this dream, I was still living at the house & had JUST Purchased another AMC that matched (EXACTLY) the one I had. Not sure what, I THINK they were Ambos or Rebels. I was in my back yard & looked across & my next door to my next door neighbor behind me had a Spirit sitting beside their house, little rusty on the bottom half of it. I was talking to them & then we were taking the one I'd just bought for a quick spin. It ran a lot better & (weird) the radio came in a lot clearer. No static, station fading in & out, sounded great. About the only other thing I recall is it was a reddish color w/woodgrain. I'm GUESSING since my Eagles are ALMOST twins (the bottom of the sedan is a little darker than the wagon) that I had to have a dream about it, I don't know! I just thought that was weird. I admit (please don't kick me out) AMC isn't my first choice, but I have sorta liked them for a long time. I WANTED to buy a Machine for my first car! One of my brothers is a used car salesman & at the time had a service station where he sold used cars. He got a Machine in (Rebel, I forgot they apparently had a Matador version the next year). I joined the army straight outta high school & when I got my first check, I sent him some money to be a down payment. I got outta basic & went home on leave & he'd already sold it! Another reason I blame HIM for my AMC fetish! He had AMCs (mainly) & Studebakers for as long as I can recall. I don't recall which (this was just about when I started to notice cars), but I (VERY faintly) recall him as having an AMX or Javelin (1st body style, before the "long noses") at one time. Then when he got married, his wife had a Matador (1st body style again), then he started his business. Another brother bought a Gremlin from him, plain jane type. UGLY U.P.S. brown w/the white stripe. Underpowered 6 in a row, 3 on the floor. He later traded that back in to my brother & had another Gremlin (which I bought after he traded it in). Purple '72 X w/white stripes - 304, 3 speed. That thing would move!! Of course, Uncle being Uncle, decided a couple months after I bought it that he needed me to go to Germany. Off I went & off went the Gremlin!

lol thanks for sharing.  You may want to lay off the spicy food just before bedtime though, may make for a more restful sleep  :rotfl:

They say pizza does it too.  ;D

Don't feel bad, I wasn't an AMC guy to begin with either.  They were an endangered species by the time I was old enough to drive/buy them.

Sounds like a cool dream, though.  I would like a dream like that.  Anything can happen in dreams.  I just checked a dream dictionary; AMC is absent, and would be between 'ambush' and 'America'.  That's weird...

Hey at least you were driving your eagle in your dream!  :occasion14:


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