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Which lug nuts do I use on the aluminum wheels for 87 Eagle


I have an 87 Eagle wagon that I just bought some reconditioned aluminum wheels for.  Currently it has the standard wheel covers and the steel rims using the acorn lug nuts. I'm trying to determine the correct set of lug nuts to use on the aluminum wheels.  I see a few different styles available.  Does anyone know which are the right ones to use?

AMC of Houston:
The "correct" part is an AMC/Jeep J4006956.   Google that number and you'll see the Crown reproductions sold by the Jeepers (and Amazon).   However, any decent chrome "Bulge" Acorn 1/2-20 nut will work just fine.

Thanks for the info.  I looked up the number and found them.  Now I know where to go from here. 


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