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Jackpot, I returned from the junkyard with a np242 from a 99 cherokee, and while I was there I grabbed the ECU and wiring harness too.

eventually Id like to get the fuel injection running again.
I was sitting there looking over this 99 cherokee we were taking the TC out of, and looked through the pricing book, and it was only 20$ for ecus, 3.50 per foot of wiring harness
and the engine part of the harness was actually super easy to pull
so I got the harness and ecu for $50, even if I never do anything with it its worth it for all the daydreams Im having about having a fuel injected eagle
since Ive still got all the original 4.0 parts, the only things Id need to fuel inject it now would be a high pressure fuel pump, a cable linkage to run the kickdown lever for the trans, and some way to get a crank position sensor working
which  means A. get a AW4 trans, that would solve the kickdown lever issue and have a spot to mount the CPS
B. find a 42RE flexplate, which supposedly has tone rings but is short enough to not grenade the torque converter, and hack a hole in the eagle trans to stick the CPS in
or C, get a CPS relocation kit that bolts to the harmonic balancer, but costs north of $400
an AW4 would be nice, then Id have a modern 4 speed auto in it too
I believe thats what the donor jeep at the yard had, so I might go back there and get it, but its pan is smashed in, and might be in rough shape

Good score.  Your yards must be better stocked than the ones near me.  Nice 'Wing also!

Ah thanks, its my "ford support vehicle", a 1980 cx500 that got a similar treatment to the eagle. Bought as a parts bike, turned into a runner, and eventually stuck some good parts into.

I was doing some research today, and on the wiring front, it looks like the ECU can be rigged up to run with only the wiring for the engine sensors, plus battery positive, negative, starter, ignition, and fuel pump, and the TCU needs only the inputs from the trans, plus the TPS that is a part of the loom I already grabbed, and a kickdown cable that I wont even have to fabricate because for once Ill have all the right parts, or close enough to not matter.

Well, as things usually go, this thread will probably turn into me mumbling about entire drivetrain swaps and "them dag gum computers", so maybe I should move to a project car thread...

Sure enough, I got the transmission and most of the rest of the guts I need to do junkyard fuel injection. since the scope of this project has gone beyond a transfer case swap, Im going to most my posts to this thread:

Thanks amarshall! Your write up really made my retrofit to a NP242 easy.  Great info.


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