Out with the old in with the new.


I joined the forum very recently. I undertook a project that my dad had purchased and left to return to Mother Earth. And now after hours of activity, and unanswered questions and forums. Its sad to say, but I think this will be the end of the forums... Great stories to be shared here, and lots of knowledge. Its sad to watch something so prominent to us become obsolete and fade into nonexistence. Ill continue to be active until I have the project finished. But man, Cant help but feel its just a matter of time.

It really is a shame that this place is turning into a ghost town. Ive seen more than a few instances of younger guys picking up eagles for various reasons( including me), and it seems like theres not much left from the last wave of eagle popularity. It seems the wheel of old things becoming popular again is rolling around to the 80s. I got my eagle from an old guy who was getting rid of his collection, and a while later he told me he sold his other two rollers to some guys who seemed pretty psyched for eagles. I daily mine, and every time I park it in front of an auto parts store, I go in and 1-3 people usually comment on how cool it is, or mention they (or a friend or family) used to have one back in the day, and talk about how much they loved it. This thing gets more attention than tricked out trucks and perfect condition corvettes.

I just hope all the useful information in this forum sticks around. Id hate to see it all go down someday.

For sure. Lots of valuable info here. and you're right. The things parked in our backyard and people stop daily wanting to buy it. Definitely an attention grabber. I really hope there is a resurgence of these kinds of things. Im tired of a market oversaturated with crossover's and hybrids. I hope people start driving things that have a little more character.


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