Hurricane Sandy

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I'm sure there are a few others besides myself here (Va Beach here) on the EagleNest that are along the east coast and prepping for Sandy to visit over the next few days. Keeping everyone in my thoughts and that you all stay safe.


Indeed we are. We are in NJ. It's bad enough that school was canceled for Monday and Tuesday and the governor has declared a state of emergency for NJ. Tip: If anyone thinks they will lose power; freeze milk containers or any other bottle or container with water while you still can so that if you do lose power you can move perishables to a cooler and keep the food cold. I hope that everyone else in it's path stays safe.

I will keep everyone on the East coast in my thoughts. Stay Safe!
Please, if you are in an area that they are predicting to get it hard, don't try to ride it out.

- Make sure everything is charged beforehand. Phones, laptops, kids' electronics, etc.
Anything that you might need to keep the kids busy and occupied when they're stuck inside.
- Get any prescription meds refilled.

- Also, if you have any animals make sure that your number/contact info and name is on them just in case.
If anyone has horses, you can use a black sharpie and write your contact info on their hooves, it won't hurt them. Since things like halters can come off.

I have toilet paper, beer, and cigars.  Bring it on, Sandy!

Since I spent my first 37 years living in south Florida, I've been through a few hurricanes. If stuff does get damaged, it will be rough for a short time. Just remember, your's and your family's lives is more valuable than any possesion. Power will be out, modern conviences will be comprimised, but don't fret, things will get back to normal and it will be a faint memory. Good luck and stay safe.


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