Pics from my yard


OK, this probably one of many contributing factors to my current life situation. Regardless, I really think these are some cools shots of my yard!



My son's daily driver 87 Chero is probably going to be joined by a 91 Chero XJ 2 door that is going to be come my off-roading rig. I am going to be parting or selling the Rhino wag you see in the driveway, however, I just don't have time to work on all the projects I have and I want an EFI'd over-drive rig. Guy selling an XJ with 4.5 inch Rough Country lift runs and drives great and I can get it really inexpensively. I can jump in and drive and get 20 MPG. The Wag runs well and has 6" lift... if I cannot get what I want for it, I will yank the lift for the Commando along with the fuel cell. Using the 33" Procomps on the XJ Chero, if I get it.

I want to get the 2 door Chero WT going and am using the White J10 as my tow/camper rig. Eventually I will have my 73 Commando on shortened Wag frame as my main offroader, with beefy 258 and T18A and J20 4.10 axles.

Oh and there are 2 Kammbacks and an SX4 by the shop in the background. 
Jesse- Sparta, MO (Near SPfdl MO) J20 4 Door Project, Wag w/ 6" Rusty's, 33x12.5's, 360/727 (for now!), 77 J10, 80 J20, 3 80's Wags, 73 Commando, Lots of AMC Eagles, FSJ parts Rigs and parts

You are doing something wrong with the links...it's just taking me to the Photobucket main page. Grab the IMG code link for the photos you wanna post. Or post the Direct Link to the pics.

Also sounds like you got a million projects ahead of your Kammies! :(

El Matador:
Try this link:


You got a another Wagy since I was there last. Also did you ever get the stepsides on the other J-Truck?

I'm still looking for stepsides for my Honcho (that'll decide whether I keep it or not)


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