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Snow Eagle:
Well here goes nothin. This is the' Snow Eagle' bought at the Salvation Army Auto Auction. Bought new out of Olympia Washington. Has the Cold climate package. Unmolested.

Snow Eagle:
Here is an interesting question. On the cowl is the date 12-10-7 and a number 56 under it. The last Eagle was built 12-10-87. Do any other 1988 owners have these numbers or is it just an oil change reminder?

Whoa, what a find! How much did it go for at auction? Looks to be in really good shape...how many miles are on it?

What a beautiful survivor.  I wonder if that is a last day car, and one of the folks on the line wrote that on the car.  That would be neat to know.

Snow Eagle:
56th car on that day. 56 from the end.  Date on door says 11/21/87. Who knows but it does make me wonder.

Final price was $1500 and the car has 137K on it. Its going to need a trans rebuild but that's no big deal. Just got to get a little dirty. Torque Commands are easy. Engine is strong and well cared for. Here are some more pictures.

High dollar cassette with 4 coaxial speakers. Also the optional all weather hood release.

Factory mud flaps

Heavy Duty roof rack mounts.

Opera headliner

Car has zero rust. Its fully undercoated and has never been off-road. There is not a scratch on the skid plates in fact the molding nipple on the bump stop is still there. Gonna clean her up for the survivor class. LOL!


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