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saved 2 more sx/4s...

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Took a trip to visit some friends this weekend and decided to stop and take a look at 2 sx/4s that have been for sale for a few months. Still there, havent moved in 10 yrs, down in the field. Looking at them from 10 feet you probobly would guess they ran, even driveable to some extent.
They are  best looking piles of rust Ive ever paid money for, although I have never seen subframe damage this severe!
One of them had literally had its transmount and engine mounts rust thru... and its belly was touching the ground.
My son & I are leaving at 6 am to retrieve them.

they were purchased frm the original owners, both are 1981 sx.4 4.2Ls, neither are sport models 
one 4 spd one 5 spd both selectrac stop n shift

We cant wait to get em home and open em up, if nothing else there are enough parts worth saving to make the 400 mile trip for em. to be continued...


Thanks for saving them.  Have an omelet on me.  Even piles of rust have some value.

Awesome save!!! and i must ask, is there 1 for sale ;D

i assume these sat for sale because they were deemed too far gone and they were in the far corner of the state.
530 miles round trip for us. I cant wait to see my fuel bill tomorow. over the shenendoahs and thru Jefferson Nat'l Forest.

Any nesters @ VA TECH or surrounding areas wth a monday off and a passion for recovery operations feel free to give me a call.
gear is loaded, deep cycles on charge. Dually is gassed up. New winch cable. trailor lights work.

time for bed!

We will be watching this thread and will expect photos- lots of them!


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